Slime with Tide Recipe

How To Make Slime with Tide

Have you ever wanted to make up some slime with Tide? We were pleased to find that taking a simple household item, like liquid laundry detergent and mixing in some glue, will actually make slime that you can play with. Liquid detergent is what acts as the accelerant in this recipe that forms our slime to make this an extra stretchy slime that holds well. The recipe we tested is easy to make, takes only two ingredients plus requires little effort.

When making this recipe, we opted to use Tide Free & Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent, since it is a clear gooey type liquid and also unscented. Most detergents are loaded with a heavy amount of perfume and that can be off-putting, making it hard to breathe. We want you to enjoy making this slime so keep in mind with the type of detergent you use in your recipe.

Slime with Tide

Cooking Info


Plastic Bowls

A large plastic bowl

A large plastic mixing bowl is used for combining all your ingredients into slime!

Measuring Cups

1 Measuring Cup

Measuring cups are needed to measure specific amounts of the ingredients!

Plastic Spoon

1 Plastic Spoon

A large plastic spoon is the perfect choice to make sure all your ingredients blend together.



  1. Pour all bottles of glue into a bowl.
  2. Next, add in a few drops of food coloring and stir well.
  3. Add in the liquid detergent, and stir the mixture, adding in more of the detergent, little-by-little, until the mixture becomes less sticky, but not too soapy.
  4. Take the slime mixture out from the bowl, and knead it in your hands. This will take about 10 minutes to get it to the slime consistency. Remember to have fun and store the slime properly so it lasts longer. 
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