How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Kids getting slime stuck to their clothing is inevitable. Slime is messy and so are kids! Many parents see green glue on their kids shirt or pants and assume it is stained forever – but wait! The slime can likely be cleaned (even if it has dried) and the spot totally removed – without dry … See Full Recipe

How to Get Slime Out of Hair

Kids are messy and often will get slime stuck in their hair. When kids get slime on their hands then touch their face and head it usually results in a sticky mess of slime and hair. Many kids will panic when they notice a blob of slime stuck to their head. Fortunately, there are a … See Full Recipe

How to Get Slime Out of Carpet

Kids love to play with slime, if you have active kids you are sure to find it all over your house. As the online slime experts people ask us: how do you remove slime from carpet? It can be a shock to walk into your living room and see a glob of green slime in … See Full Recipe