How to Fix Hard Slime with Things Around the House

Slime is not very fun to play with when into this hard in fact it is almost impossible. If your slime is no longer stretchy and soft don’t worry there’s still a few ways you can save your slime without having to make a new batch or open a new jar.

1- Add More Wet Slime

One of the easiest way to soften dry, hard slime is to add more wet slime tow to mix. This won’t work on slime that is rock hard but mixing new slime with your old slime can return it back to its original gooey form.

Plastic Bowls

Try opening a new jar of slime and mixing the old slime with the new slime in a plastic bowl. If the slime can be saved the moisture from the new batch will bring the old slime back to life.

2- Mix in Water

Mixing in small amounts of water can bring hard slime back to life. It works best with recipes that already include water but it can also be effective on slime that does not include water.

We recommend mixing in small amounts at a time and not over doing it or your may flood the slime and over wetten it! You will need a plastic bowl plus a small cup to hold the water.

3- Add Saline

Saline solutions can be used instead of water to bring some kinds of slime back from rock hard status. Mix it in a little bit at as time as you knead the slime. It is more effective than water in some cases – just make sure not to over do it!

4- Add Other Wet Ingredients

Check the ingredients on the back of the label or find more of the wet ingredients you used to make your slime. Add it in a little at a time and your slime should come back to life.

5- Chill in Refrigerator

Stiff slime can be revived after a few hours in the refrigerator. The freezer is too cold and will freeze your slime but the fridge chills it down to a temperature than can make the slime fun to play with again.

6- Rub with Ice Cubes

If you need just a little longer with your handful of slime try grabbing a few ice cubes from the freezer and rubbing it on the slime. It may not work on all blends but it will bring it back to life for another 30 minutes of fun.