How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Kids getting slime stuck to their clothing is inevitable. Slime is messy and so are kids! Many parents see green glue on their kids shirt or pants and assume it is stained forever – but wait! The slime can likely be cleaned (even if it has dried) and the spot totally removed – without dry cleaning!

6 Ways To Remove Slime from Clothing

Our slime team searched the internet and found the 6 most effective ways to remove slime from clothing. You might have to try multiple methods depending on how the slime was made – and how far it got into the fibers.

1. Remove with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most effective ways to remove most slime recipes – it actually melts the slime away! It works best on slime that is still effective but can also work to “wetten” dried slime. In our experience white vinegar works best and can be found in most kitchens.

Start by mixing vinegar in your hair like it is shampoo, focus on the slime and scraping it out with your finger nails. Make sure to put the slime that falls from your head into the trash, if it goes down the drain it might clog.


Not a Vinegar expert? Don’t worry we have vou covered! The best cleaning Vinegar is the everyday stuff you have under the counter – and all you need is a little bit to clean up most messes!

2. Hot Water and Hand Soap

Hot water and hand soap is a quick and easy method for removing small spots. It works best if you can start scrubbing before it sets into the threads and fabric. Most styles of hand soap will work but clear ones seem to work a little better.

Start by turning the water on as hot as possible – give it a minute to heat up to the max temperature. Next, apply a small amount of hand soap directly on the stain then start scrubbing with your hands. Most of the goo should slide right off and the remain discoloration will disappear after 30 to 45 seconds under the water. Once all the slime is gone keep rinsing to remove and remaining soap!

3. Dish Soap and Hot Water

If hand soap does not start to remove the slime from your shirt it is time to try something a little stronger Рdish soap! Dish soap is stronger than hand soap and has a few extra chemicals that work on hard to remove globs. This method only works with liquid dish soap so if you use powder or a packet 

Squirt a small amount of liquid dish soap on to your clothing then scrub with your fingers. The biggest pieces should wash away immediately and the small bits of color will wash out after a few minutes under the sink. Don’t use too much or you may discolor the fabric.¬†

4. Windex


It might sounds like a joke but Windex is actually a super effective way to remove sticky things from clothing. Start with a few squirts directly onto the center of the slime then remove as much as possible with your fingers. Finally rinse with a how water – or throw it into the washing machine.

5. Washing Machine

A round of laundry is one of the best ways to remove slime from fabric – but you will have to wait for your clothing to dry! Unlike other steps your can’t get the slime out immediately. We had best results when we used hot water and set it on the longest setting. Your dryer settings won’t matter because all the slime should be out by time the washer is done.

6. Club Soda

Club soda is an age old trick to remove stains from clothing. Start with a small bit right on the slime and remove as much as possible with your fingers, sponge or brush from the sink. If a small amount does not work try a little more – you might need to use a washcloth. After removing all the slime make sure clean the shirt with some hot water then dry with a towel.

Tips and Tricks

Some kinds of slime are harder to remove than others. If your shirt or pants are still stained keep reading to find out some extra tips and tricks.

Clean with an Old Toothbrush

Small bits of slime are almost impossible to remove some times. For these stains we recommend using and old toothbrush and soap. Squirt a small bit of soap onto the toothbrush and get scrubbing. Soft brushes work best but hard bristles can also be effective if you are gentle and take your time.

Let the Slime Dry Out

Sometimes slime can’t be removed while it is still wet. If all other ways to remove slime let it dry out for a few days. Dried slime can be flaked off and broken into little pieces before being put in the laundry.