Starburst Slime Recipe

How To Make Edible Starbust Slime

Edible Starburst slime introduces a fascinating twist to traditional slime, providing not only a safe and tactilely enjoyable playtime activity but also an unexpected treat for the taste buds. This extraordinary combination offers a creative, interactive experience that elevates sensory play to a new level, all the while ensuring the safety of kids with its edible nature.

Making slime isn’t just super fun, it’s also a cool science experiment! By making slime, you can learn about interesting science stuff like how things can be solid and liquid at the same time – pretty wild, right? And guess what, the best part is, we’re going to make this slime using your favorite Starburst candies. It’s going to be bright, stretchy, and yummy, smelling and tasting just like the candies! So, let’s jump into our awesome adventure of making Starburst slime at home. It’s all about having a blast, learning some cool things, and enjoying the taste of our sweet, edible creation!

Why Use Starbursts for Slime?

You might be wondering, why are we using Starbursts to make slime? Well, there’s a bunch of awesome reasons! First of all, Starbursts are super colorful, just like the best slimes are. When we melt them down, they turn into a gooey base that’s perfect for making slime. Plus, they have really yummy fruity flavors, which makes our slime not only fun to play with, but also safe and tasty to nibble on!

Also, Starbursts are easy to find at almost any store, and they’re not too pricey. So, we can make loads of slime without breaking the piggy bank!

Now, we could use other candies to make edible slime, like gummy bears or marshmallows. Gummy bears make a more jiggly kind of slime and marshmallows can make a really fluffy one. But, Starbursts give us a great balance of stretchy, gooey, and yummy. So, Starbursts are kind of like the superhero of edible slime ingredients!

Cooking Info


Before we start our slime adventure, we need to gather all our tools. Here’s what we’ll need and why each one is important:

A Large Mixing Bowl

Plastic Bowls

This is like our magic cauldron where all the slime-making action happens. We’ll use this to melt the Starbursts. Make sure it’s safe to put in the microwave!

A Plastic Mixing Spoon or Spatula

Plastic Spoon

This is our mixing wand! We’ll use it to stir the melted Starbursts and other ingredients together to make our slim

A Mesuring Cup

Measuring Cups

These help us to add the right amount of our slime ingredients. It’s like a magic spell – we have to get the amounts just right for our slime to turn out perfect!

Airtight Storage Container

Ideal for storing the finished slime, helping maintain its texture and prolong its lifespan.


Remember, making slime is like doing a science experiment – we need to get the ingredients just right! So, follow the recipe carefully and you’ll end up with an amazing batch of edible Starburst slime!


  1. Unwrapping and separating the Starburst candies by color: The first thing we need to do is unwrap all those Starbursts. Remember to put the wrappers in the trash, we want to keep our workspace clean! After you’ve unwrapped them, separate the Starburst candies into different piles by color. This is a great time to talk about your favorite colors and flavors!
  2. Place your Starbursts in the microwave-safe bowl: Once your candies are all sorted, pick your favorite color (or mix them up for a rainbow slime!) and place them in your microwave-safe bowl.
  3. Microwave your Starbursts: Now it’s time to melt those candies. Because microwaves can get really hot, make sure you ask an adult to help with this step. Start by microwaving the candies for 30 seconds, then stir. Repeat this until the Starbursts are completely melted and gooey.
  4. Adding powdered sugar and cornstarch: Once your Starbursts are all melty and gooey, it’s time to add the powdered sugar and cornstarch. These will help make our slime the perfect consistency. Carefully measure the right amounts and add them to your bowl, then stir everything together until it’s well combined.
  5. Let it cool and knead your slime: Let your slime mixture cool for a bit until it’s safe to touch. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on your wax paper and dump your slime onto it. Now it’s time to knead! Kneading is like squishing and stretching the slime over and over. This helps mix everything together and makes your slime super stretchy. Keep kneading until your slime is smooth and stretchy, but not sticky.

And there you go! You’ve just made your very own edible Starburst slime. Now you can stretch it, squish it, and even taste it! Remember to store your slime properly when you’re done playing so you can use it again next time.

Customizing Your Slime

Now that you’re a certified slime expert, let’s talk about ways you can make your Starburst slime even more awesome! One fun idea is to mix up the Starburst colors. Maybe you want to create a rainbow slime by mixing all the colors, or maybe you want to experiment with layering colors to make a slime “cake.” You could even make a batch of every color and see which one stretches the farthest!

Another fun idea is to sprinkle in some edible glitter. Yes, you heard that right, edible glitter! This will make your slime sparkle and shine like a disco ball. You can find edible glitter in the baking section of most stores. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

And here’s a joke to keep you giggling while you make your slime: Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything! Just like how we’re making up our own super cool Starburst slime recipes. Happy sliming!

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